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Configure GSuite Account with Outlook

In Today's era the Business email is more important if you are having a business. To manage all the emails in better way for your business, you should have Microsoft Outlook in your computer.

Microsoft outlook provides you great options to manage your daily emails. Few commonly used features are, Rules in outlook, Quick step which you can customize, label the emails with different or customized categories, calendar (For upcoming meetings), Reminder, Email Template, Auto Reply. There are many more as well, But I can not list every thing here else this article will me huge. :)

Anyway, This article i am writing just to show you how you can configure your GSuite account with outlook. Currently, GSuite is the best service for your business email. However, there are other service providers as well who are providing nice service. But I like GSuite among all of them.

Let me show you the steps to configure your GSuite Account.

Please note that i have Office 2016, you may have old/new version. So please follow accordingly.

Enable IMAP for your GSuite account

In order to use your business email in outlook, you need to enable the IMAP Forwarding from your GSuite Account.

To enable it, first login into your gmail business account and at right side you will see a setting icon (gear icon). Click on that icon and select setting.

On Setting screen you will find many options of your gmail account. You need to select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.

Now from this screen you need to enable the IMAP. Just select the "Enable IMAP" radio button from IMAP Access panel and click on save changes button provide at the bottom of the page.

You are done with enabling the IMAP from GSuite. Now lets start configuring this mailbox to outlook.

Welcome To Outlook

When you will open the outlook first time. You will have Welcome Screen of outlook, which will be the same as provided in above screen shot.

Here you need to provide your GSuit Email ID, then to proceed click on connect.

Choose Account Type

Once you will click on connect button, you will get Choose Account Type screen. Here you need to select appropriate Account Type. In our case i am selecting IMAP.

Server Configuration

Now here you need to add proper server information. You wont be able to setup your mail box even if you will add one wrong information.

Below are the server information you need to enter.

After adding server configuration info, you are all done. Just click on Next and outlook will start configuring your mailbox. It may take few mins.

Happy mailing!

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