Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Add Facebook Plugin

Add Facebook Fanpage plugin on your site

Step 1 : Login in to your facebook account.

Step 2 : Goto your page.

Step 3 :  Click on Update Information from edit page.

Step 4 : Select Resource from left side then click on use social plugin.

Step 5 : Now Click on Like Button.

Step 6 : Now Enter your facebook page link in first text box then click on Get code button.

 Step 7 : Click on XFBML and copy those codes.

Step 8 : Goto your Blogger and select your blog.

Step 9 : Click on Layout and then Click on Add Gadget.

Step 10 : Search for HTML/JavaScript.

Step 11 : Click on Plus Button. Then paste those Code in Content box then click on Save.

That It...!!! you will see your fanpage gadget on your Blog.